Cardiovascular risk assessment


  • Wash hands, introduce self, check patient ID
  • Explain/introduce consultation and gain consent

Risk Assessment

Basically a focused history based on CVS risk factors

  • Ask about demographics i.e. age, (sex), (ethnicity),
    • The other non-modifiable risk factors include family history and personal history
  • Move on to current/modifiable risk factors i.e.
    • Current medical history
      • Hypertension- control, medications etc
      • Diabetes- control, medications, duration, etc
      • Lipids/cholesterol (if known)- again- any medications?,
      • Other conditions to consider include kidney disease; thyroid disease; AF etc
    • Social factors
      • Diet
      • Exercise
      • Occupation (both for stress and activity)
      • Smoking
      • Alcohol intake

Behaviour modification/Risk Reduction

  • Give feedback on risk
  • Where there is time
    • Assess how willing the patient is to change high risk behaviour
      • If so, give some advise as to methods of doing this e.g. smoking cessation aids, easy ways of increasing activity etc
  • Ask about ideas, concerns and expectations and try to address these


  • Measure BP and take bloods for cholesterol/lipids
    • Treat where appropriate
  • There are cardiovascular risk calculators which can be used e.g. QRISK, ASSIGN score


  • Summarise the consultation and any decisions made
  • Thank the patient
  • (Wash hands)

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