Fraser Criteria and Gillick Competency


  • Fraser Criteria and Gillick Competency refer to ways of assessing the competency of an underage child to provide consent for treatment of their health
  • They were primarily introduced after a court case involving providing contraception to a girl under 16 without her parents consent

Fraser’s Criteria

  • The young person should understand the professionals advice
    • Understands the procedure/treatment; consequences; can recall the advice; can weigh up pros/cons etc
  • The young person cannot be persuaded to inform/involve their parents or allow the professional to contact them on their behalf
  • The young person is likely to begin, or continue having, sexual intercourse with or without contraception
  • Without treatment, the young person’s mental or physical health is likely to suffer
  • The young person’s best interest requires them to receive treatment with or without parental consent

Gillick Competence

  • Refer’s to the concept that the young person must be mature enough to understand the consequences of the decision



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