Laryngeal cancer

see also Pharyngeal cancer

Laryngeal cancer is a squamous cell cancer.


Smoking and alcohol excess are, by far, the strongest risk factors for laryngeal cancer.  HPV infection may play a role, although this is far less common compared.


  • Supraglottic tumours usually cause upper airway obstruction
  • Glottic tumours tend to first affect the voice
    • Dysphonia/aphonia
  • Usually, there is some dysphagia
  • Haemoptysis
  • Weight loss
  • Hallitosis
  • Sore throat
    • +/- referred otalgia
  • Neck mass

Like pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer tends to present late.


  • CT head and neck
  • larygoscopy (flexible)
  • FBC
  • FNA of lymph node
  • Fatigue/weakness


As with pharyngeal cancer, depending on the stage (which is usually late), tumours will be treated with a mix of surgery, radio- and chemotherapy.

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